wildroots farm, kentucky

wildroots is a dream, a promise.

wildroots is a promise to remember the truth of who we are and to live this truth.

my name is dr. amy johnson howton and this is my promise. collective trauma has resulted in isolation, disconnection, and delusions of independence. we forget our interdependence. we forget each of us are essential parts of a larger whole. we forget our own humanity.

learning to be in relationship with our suffering offers vital wisdom in our remembering and medicine in the healing of ourselves, our families, our communities, our planet.

what does this look like in practice? wildroots cultivates conditions for connection, right relationship, and creative, wise action in service to life, love, and liberation.

there is individual work through coaching; there is community work through facilitation; and there is writing through poetry, blogging, weaving. the book i co-authored with Quanita Roberson, The Innerground Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul and Spirit was published in 2022.

wildroots includes elements of ritual and ceremony; embodied practice; soul listening and witness; creativity; nature-centered teachings; and spiritual guidance drawing on Celtic Christian, Dagara Cosmology, Shambala wisdom traditions–all learned and integrated through lineages passed down by ancestors, guides, elders, shamans, teachers.

upcoming events

As a follow up to the Epiphany series on the Innerground Railroad, there will be a Lenten offering: 40 Day to Remembering Soul and Spirit. Also based. on the book The Innerground Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul and Spirit, this offering is FREE and open to all.

in partnership with The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

This Epiphany season, join Amy Howton + Miriam McKenney on this journey on The Innerground Railroad, exploring the inner landscape between slavery and freedom. Inspired by the book co-authored by Quanita Roberson and Amy Howton, this approach incorporates various wisdom and spiritual traditions in the healing and reconciliation of our individual and collective lives. The life and teachings of Jesus will guide the way, with support from integral theory and a trauma-informed lens. This experience is not about more information; it is a heart-centered endeavor to embodying our faith.

Thursdays from 7-8:30pm EST; January 12-February 16.  Registration is FREE and open to all. Sign up here.

in partnership with The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

celebrating winter solstice, in thanksgiving.

this offering includes two options: one for the evening of solstice, which includes a meal and the option to stay overnight. all proceeds benefit Hope Springs; the listed pricing is baseline. additional donations invited.

Register here by December 13.

This Advent season, join us as we explore what it means to be spiritual beings having human experiences. Jesus came to teach us this, to show us the Way of Love and how to be wholly human. As we prepare for his birth, we will contemplate our own formation, together. 

with Amy Howton & Miriam McKenney on Sundays from 7-8:30pm EST; November 27-December 18. Register here.  

in partnership with The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

WomenSpeak: The Way of the Feminine August 2023

WHEN: Aug 03, 2023, 6:00 PM – Aug 06, 2023, 1:00 PM

WHERE: Peebles, 4988 Mineral Springs Rd, Peebles, OH 45660, USA

WHAT: This in person retreat is rooted in the ways of the feminine. We will explore the gifts, talents and abilities of the feminine principle, drawing on the 13 Original Clan Mothers Medicine Wheel.

recent works

the book

the book is SOLD OUT and are currently on back order. join the mailing list to learn when it’s available.

In the U.S., we are all swimming in the waters of what is right, real and true as White and male. Because of Western globalization, these beliefs have spilled over the rest of our world forming a yardstick by which we measure everything. Changing our beliefs, changes the yardstick. Changing the yardstick, changes the world.

from The InnerGround Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul & Spirit

recent blog posts

reality as sacred

open to reality as it is…this vow, first introduced to me through Shambhala Path of the Warrior training seven years ago has finally fully landed in my bones. how could i ever want anything other than this very moment? i know the stretch of this question. and i know the truth of it. this morning on the way to the trail with the dogs, i discovered company–a man and his two dogs, who also run wild. it was unwanted, not what i envisioned for my morning time. i was grumpy. and then, leaned in. i chose to walk the trailsContinue reading “reality as sacred”

birth day

my youngest child turns thirteen years old today, on this blood moon lunar eclipse. i’ve always understood the milestones of my children’s lives to also be forms of initiation in my own. we are connected, so that when one of us shifts, so does the other. this truth is known in a particular way when you are mother, and when that child has formed within you, born of you, nursed at your breast…it’s a way of deep, embodied knowing. today, there is grief, sadness. these feelings still surprise me on days of such celebration. and yet, the celebration marks changeContinue reading “birth day”

roles + passion

in a time of falling apart and midwifing a new world, what if we channeled our desperate need to rely on defined roles and positions and trusted ourselves, knowing that we can not help but be called by our passions into right and essential work for the sake of our universe? it is who we are designed to be. It is precisely why we were born.  i’m in community with many folks around questions about the future. yesterday, i was spinning a beautiful yarn with a priest. as we dreamed what was possible when we truly opened to what isContinue reading “roles + passion”


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