wildroots farm, kentucky

wildroots is a dream, a promise.

on October 31, 2020 i fell in love with a place that mysteriously and powerfully gifted me with lessons on love and life and along the way, the vision of wildroots.

together with that land, culminating decades of experience in healing and justice and community-building, the seeds of wildroots were sowed.

the dream of wildroots is a future where humanity lives in harmony with all living beings, taking our rightful place in the web of life. wildroots is committed to growing souls–individually, communally, collectively–through healing and creative arts.

upcoming events

Terra Divina Contemplative Prayer Retreat: Exploring Wildness and Renewal

March 24-26 @ Procter Center; London, Ohio

For more information and to register, click here.

in partnership with The Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio

this is a time of the rise of feminine wisdom. holy week would not be holy week without the essential role of mary magdalene, among other women. and yet, they are too often discounted, excluded from traditional Western Christianity stories.

this circle is one of remembrance and reclamation, drawing close to the wisdom and love of mary magdalene.

register, here.

The Becoming Beloved Community Learning Journey is an intensive spiritual formation experience designed to grow disciples and form healers, reconcilers, and justice-makers. This spiritual formation cannot happen alone; others are essential. In community, we will practice together, rooting in Jesus and the Way of Love. The experience includes two in-person retreats and virtual meetings. Participants must commit to attending the entirety of both retreats.

Dates include:
May 11-13: Thursday-Saturday Friday; Procter Camp + Conference Center, London, OH
July: a zoom check-in
August 17-19: Thursday-Saturday; Procter Camp + Conference Center, London, OH

The Learning Journey is open to all and is rooted in the Episcopal Way and the Jesus wisdom tradition.

For more info + to register, click here.

Join the co-authors of the book, The InnerGround Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul and Spirit for a soulful exploration of healing and reconciliation, beginning from within. 

This retreat is the inaugural in-person engagement inspired by the book–a long time coming event! Beginning on Summer Solstice, the week of Juneteenth, we will retreat at a place that has been a home to the story, Hope Springs Institute. In this sacred time and place, we will reflect on our personal stories of race, racial trauma, and healing in our practice of remembering and reclaiming the truth of who we are. Surrounded by natural beauty and nourished with delicious and whole food, we will enjoy an embodied, soulful experience together, in community. 

space is limited; register here.

recent works

the book

Order your copy today at AKANPUBLISHING.com.

In the U.S., we are all swimming in the waters of what is right, real and true as White and male. Because of Western globalization, these beliefs have spilled over the rest of our world forming a yardstick by which we measure everything. Changing our beliefs, changes the yardstick. Changing the yardstick, changes the world.

from The InnerGround Railroad: A 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul & Spirit

recent blog posts

the Other

i’m here working through some ideas on the Other, Othering, and our relationships with the Other… back in the day, as a student in Philosophy and Women’s Studies, particularly my days in deep dive study of psychoanalysis, post-colonial, feminist, Black Feminist theory (calling in Bhaba, Lacan, Derrida, Iriguaray, Collins), there was a lot of debate and theorizing around the term “Other”: when to capitalize, when to use lower case, when to use the verb…it all feels ridiculous to me, now. i say this to nod to the decades i’ve been in these questions. the decades they’ve been working me. a…

imbolc: in the belly

last night i took the girls to mom’s for pizza. well, dewey’s pizza, which is a whole other thing. on the feast day of saint brigid, goddess of threshold and fire, i found myself in an in-between time and space. here, i sat at my mother’s table with my two growing-up daughters–meg, 13 and kate, days away from 23–in the shifting of our relationships. kate’s enthusiasm for her upcoming quest radiated, spilling out in stories, hopes, questions, belly laughter. the preparation for her three+ month venture in Europe was revealed as she talked of all the things she was packing,…


harm is never done in isolation. violence is never private. pain is never meant to be experienced alone. because we are connected. trauma is not the event. it is the response to it. or perhaps more aptly, the lack thereof. what does it mean to acknowledge harm done and respond it to that harm, in communal relationship? honoring our interconnectedness, interdependence? it’s been a life long, compelling question for me and i find myself in it differently these days. i have a folder in my inbox entitled “nope”. it’s five years old, created in 2018. it’s time to turn that…


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a gift: weaving three generations zine

We are three generations of women. We are grandmother, mother, daughter. We are crone, mother, maiden. We are family and we are weaving three generations. We are weaving generations gone by and those still to come.

This compilation is a passion project, a first time collaboration, a fun exploration of inviting some of our creative expressions into conversations with one another. Liz’ “doodles” and Amy’s poetry were created on their own accord. There was wonder in playfully introducing them and Kate’s lettering made that introduction.

With hearts full of that wonder and utter joy, we happily share this weaving … with blessings for 2023.

With love,

Liz Anderson, amy howton, and Kate Howton

Amy; Kate; Liz

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