welcome to wild roots

how do we sense into what our hearts imagine and to what our bodies already know? how do we dare to dream a future alive with possibility? and how can we practice together, in solidarity and right relationship? giving and receiving the medicine that only we can give and receive?

growing into our fullness is different than therapy and professional/leadership development. growing up into our full, mature selves involves soul, spiritual, and embodied healing. it is reckoning with all the conditions–both inner and outer–that separate us from divine source and then reconciling and re-membering the fuller truth of who we are.

for those of us committed to love and justice, we have to go beyond–go deeper–than fighting against injustice and hate. what we resist, persists.

upcoming events + opportunities:

ongoing offerings:

1:1 coaching + soul companionship

my general fee is $75-100 an hour and i believe in creating a gift economy. we’ll work together to determine how that gifting could work in our relationship. reach out for a free, introductory 30 minute session.

weavings: periodic notes in your inbox

weaving wild roots is a periodic compilation of story, poetry, art, ritual: medicine for the soul. weavings is delivered to your inbox with love and joy, when so inspired.


“The best endorsement that I can give you in support of Amy is to tell you that I don’t trust many people with my work but I have trusted her. The places that I take people are deep, wise and soulful places. They are often places that require navigation of trauma, grief, growth, and healing. These places require great skill and deep heart and she has both.”

Quanita Roberson, elder + guide

“Amy led the work of dismantling racism (for the Episcopal Diocese of Southern Ohio)…Amy grounds everything in love and believes that what she is doing matters. She believes that everyone involved matters. Isn’t that what we all crave? To be seen and to be relevant? That’s what Amy is all about.”

–Miriam McKenney, co-conspirator