everything is here for us in the quiet, stillness the light shines spreading like molasses over everything sugar and sweetness, everywhere inhale, receiving in the uncertainty, chaos the dark invites holding like a mother’s womb, nourishing spice and soul, deep down exhale, giving all we need is here inhale, exhale light, dark dancing as one.

hidden wounds

inspired by reading wendell berry’s “the hidden wound”, again. this book, written by berry in 1970 is so rich and still so resonant. this weekend, in a community of practice committed to racial healing and spiritual liberation, we shared reflections on our awakenings to our collective “hidden wounds”. while we were specifically looking at theContinue reading “hidden wounds”


i’m reading victor frankl’s man’s search for meaning alongside howard thurman, alongside richard rohr, alongside ram dass, alongside gloría anzaldúa (cause, always). yeah, there’s quite a conversation going on inside my heart-mind! and as it always is, i’m spiraling around a question. the relationship between freedom and form. a while ago i wrote about aContinue reading “freedom”