do as the grain of wheat; as the earth

this was shared as a sermon (my first!) on 3.21.21 for the Church of the Good Shepherd; Athens, OH. the Gospel reading that inspired it is John 12:20-33. Also available on YouTube here: +++ What an honor to be with you, the people of the Church of the Good Shepherd today. Mother Deborah hasContinue reading “do as the grain of wheat; as the earth”

lessons from the school of forgiveness

i heard someone once say that earth is the school of forgiveness. today, it is raining–a divine soundtrack as i sit some lessons learned. earlier this week, someone shared with me the heartbreak at having to return a rescue dog after 24 hours. the dog was not adjusting, bullying and acting out. he called meContinue reading “lessons from the school of forgiveness”

proclaiming the dream

yesterday: inauguration. artists and poets and leaders boldly telling the truth of who we are as a growing-up nation. “unfinished”, in the words of poet Amanda Gorman. in the truth-telling, clear dissonance emerged between our aspirations and reality. and into this gap, they breathed possibility. they stirred life. and proclaimed the dream. the power ofContinue reading “proclaiming the dream”