The TV is running in the background–another episode of The Office And i am by the river in New Richmond, with enflamed Sky Praying to Mother and to Libbie and to the river otter With gratitude for the grief and joy in setting Sun Where the beginning, middle and end Are one.

mother/child, choice, and the Honorable Harvest

Yesterday, the day my son turned eighteen. As I celebrated the meaning of motherhood + mothering, there was breaking news of Roe v Wade standing on the precipice of being overturned by the Supreme Court. Nothing new in the story of reproductive rights in this nation, nothing surprising…and still a gut punch.  Western Christianity hasContinue reading “mother/child, choice, and the Honorable Harvest”

death, taxes, and carl jung

according to carl jung, the greater we increase the light, the greater we increase the shadow. i wish i could phone-a-friend and dial up carl. i wanna conversation about this. about the dance between light and dark, between our liberation and our slavery. when there is liberation, her sister slavery follows suit. an invitation toContinue reading “death, taxes, and carl jung”

i used to be___ and now i am ___

a communal poem from tonight’s closing ceremony of the 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul and Spirit. with a heart full of gratitude. I used to put others before myself and now I’m making myself a priority. I used to feel unworthy of deep connection and now I wait for alignment knowing the Divine knowsContinue reading “i used to be___ and now i am ___”