death, taxes, and carl jung

according to carl jung, the greater we increase the light, the greater we increase the shadow. i wish i could phone-a-friend and dial up carl. i wanna conversation about this. about the dance between light and dark, between our liberation and our slavery. when there is liberation, her sister slavery follows suit. an invitation toContinue reading “death, taxes, and carl jung”

i used to be___ and now i am ___

a communal poem from tonight’s closing ceremony of the 40 Day Journey to Remembering Soul and Spirit. with a heart full of gratitude. I used to put others before myself and now I’m making myself a priority. I used to feel unworthy of deep connection and now I wait for alignment knowing the Divine knowsContinue reading “i used to be___ and now i am ___”

hibernation, grief, and the feminine

i’ve been deep in winter’s hibernation, practicing a different way of knowing, a different way of being. i’ve been moving slowly. allowing myself to be in a new rhythm, resting and still and quiet. this isn’t to say that it always looks like this from the outside. there are times when i’m buzzing like aContinue reading “hibernation, grief, and the feminine”