lady luck

we had no gps, no service
only screenshots of a google map, sheer determination, and wonder

all compelled by deep joy to be here
in these Blue Ridge Mountains

among these October colors
wildly adventuring, mother and daughter
freedom coursing through our veins

can this be right? as the road evolved into a narrow and winding gravel path

how can this be right?! as we kept going, giggling and thrilled.
the mother, aware of the risks of both continuing and not
until a sign appeared: Lady Luck. 

and the mountains opened up into a sprawling meadow
draped in majestic magentas of dahlias and zinnias and chrysanthemums

where we gathered in song and poetry to honor this time and to hold one another--strangers and kin--in the cold October night

warmed by Elixir, a blazing fire,

and hope. 

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