yesterday i signed a Release Agreement on the land contract. in other words, there is an acknowledgement that the contract we entered is no longer true and therefore, we are released from it.

release agreement.

there is some sadness that comes with release. a letting go of the visions taking root, the dreams we were sowing, a sense of separation from this beloved land.

we will not be building a little cabin by that creek, on that ridge and under the canopy of trees. we will not be climbing those cliffs and meandering in that valley and discovering the treasures of that place.


there is always more to the story.

i often think of release as letting go. in a fuller sense, re-lease means entering into a new agreement. it is both letting go and coming into. it is a new acknowledgement of who we are to each other, now.

the release agreement on the land honors who we are to each other in our continued discovery; it expands the story and includes more.

this land was never to belong to me. she is my teacher. i belong to her. and in truth, we are one.

gratitude for this re-lease with her.

5 thoughts on “release

  1. check out the stations of the cross by Sr. Joan – stations 12 and 13.
    12: Am I able to accept the daily deaths of life, both the great ones and the small, knowing that death is not the end of life, only its passing over to something new in me?
    13: Am I prepared to let go of everything I ever wanted so that God’s will can come another way?


  2. In the sadness there is new lease, a new “rental agreement” opening doors, not possession. In our relationships with teacher Earth, there is NOW spring, mud, green, daffodils, baby leaves on trees…and I hear new life in you, thru disappointment of hope/dreams that will not be as you envisioned…sadness. There is wonder if I will miss the lace silhouette of huge maple out my sacred-space window…soon maple full leaves will present a big green solid no-see-thru that moves in breeze…lace silhouette against grey sky will be gone for months…love in sadness, love in new life. We are all ONE…


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