what if?

there’s a hindu legend that tells of the story that divinity was hidden deep within the center of human beings so to prevent humans from abusing it. our human behavior called for such an intervention. Brahma, the chief god, rightly believed that divinity would be safe there, hidden away deep within our being, where humans would never dare search.

what if…we dared?

what if we discovered the divine within us?

what if that divinity was so felt and evident that it radiated into our minds, our hearts, our bodies?

what if it spilled out and danced with the divine in all of life?

what if the connection with the divine was so profound that our interconnectedness was palpable?

what if this felt interconnectedness allowed me access to your suffering and joy? and you, mine?

and what if we awakened to our relationship with the land, the skies, and all the universe?

what if we could experience deep belonging, constantly and without condition?

what if the divine within me allowed me to know the divine within you and all living beings?

what if this knowing could never be unknown?

what if…

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