departures can be sweet.

it’s too bad that departures often get a bad rap.

for sure departures signal an ending, a closing of a chapter. grief accompanies departure and fear lurks in its shadows, whispering seductions that hold us in desperately, grasping onto what was and what we are departing.

in a season of life that is offering me some big departures, i’m discovering departure as sweet, tender, loving.


departure invites choice. and when we say yes to fear’s invitation and lean into uncertainty, we connect with our inner power. trusting ourselves births us into who we are becoming and opens up possibilities beyond our imagination.

saying yes to departure–even as we also acknowledge the grief and fear that comes with that yes–allows for a wholehearted yes to what is now and what is next.

and so i’m wondering…what if saying yes to departure is the arrival?

4 thoughts on “departure

  1. I’ve always wondered whether it’s odd that a random person you met while working on a project follows your writing (because it always makes me pause and reflect). Well, I finally decided to let go of whether I care, and, I just wanted to say thanks for sharing this. I needed to read it.

    Hope you are well.


    1. Matt! Thank you. Being connected is a gift and when we don’t see it, we all lose out. So glad to know we’re still connected beyond the project. Hope you’re well, too.


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